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Satellite Communication & Applications

Built to perform optimally in the harshest environments

When always on communications is not an option. No matter if you require mobile broadband, voice and data communication, or even low cost push to talk for your fleet, we have the solution for you.

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World's first Zone / DIV 1 tablet computer

The solution for mobile computing in hazerdous environments, particularly in the Oil and Gas Refining and Transporation industries.

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Transportation Management Software
Dispatch / Invoicing / Accounting / Fleet Maintenance

With over 25 years of in transportation software, we have a suite of products to ensure you have the right solution for your growing transporation corporation

Industry Tested

Tremb Services has been providing quality products and services to hundreds of companies in the transportation industry since it was established in 1988. Since this time Tremb has evolved from one of the premier providers of transportation dispatch and accounting software into a full service communications company specializing in development and deployment of satellite tracking and communications systems in some of the most challenging environments on the planet. With our expert team we have the expertise to provide a customized communications platform that can leverage the best in satellite communications to ensure your business is always-on, always-connected, always ready to succeed.



Full suite of products including satellite tracking and messaging, electronic driver logs, dispatch and accounting, inventory management, and fleet maintenance and repairs.


Satellite Tracking, Push-To-Talk Communications, Equipment Tracking, Intrinsically Safe Mobile Computing, and Asset Maintenance and Repairs.


Satellite Tracking and Messaging, Push-To-Talk Field Communications, Container and Railcar Tracking, Mobile Passenger Broadband Internet

North of 60

Satellite Tracking and Messaging, Loan Worker Protection, Push-To-Talk Communications, Satellite Broadband for mobile equipment and temporary structures.

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